Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bring a good sports bra....

Driving in Uganda...

I don't even know where to begin.

Yes I do.

Have you see photos in National Geographic Magazine (NatGeo to those of us cool enough to collect the magazines and that's me - super cool) of women in Africa? Of course, the photos are of naked women and are probably the first nude ladies young American boys see.

The boobs hang to the waist.

Some people have said it's because they don't have the support of a good underwire or don't know Victoria's Secret (her secret, by the way, is that women need to pay a bazillion dollars for silk panties).

I know the real reason.

Women drive around on the roads in Uganda without benefit of a really good sports bra.

I thought I was going to whack myself in the face with my breasts everytime we got in our car or taxi. My breasts are not huge, but they have some bounce and they certainly have more now.

People may think I am jesting. Indeed, I am not. I found myself holding my chest (not in a lewd way) to keep the sisters in place. And I wear good underthings! I have no trouble in the U.S. keeping the sisters strapped in with my boob seatbelt, but Africa was a different matter altogether.

I might make the cover of the next NatGeo issue in which they highlight tourists in Africa. My boobs will be hanging to my belly button.

And then I would have to run around topless, I guess.


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